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Whale sharks

Come experience an unforgettable swim with the largest fish in the world !

Who is it ?
Image whale sharkThe whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the world. Exceptionally, it can reach up to 20m long and 40 tons, most of the observed specimens are between 4m and 14m.

This giant of the seas is completely harmless to humans; in fact, it feeds exclusively on plankton, krill and small fish under 10 cm. His head was very large (about 2 meters) allows it to absorb 2,000 tons of water per hour it filters through its gills to keep only his food.
Whale sharks are highly migratory species that carry thousands of kilometres between different feeding areas covering several countries. Each year they come in unusually large number at the north east of the Yucatan Peninsula where the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico merge. Between June and September, the islands of Holbox, Contoy and Isla Mujeres welcome this incredible gathering.

Your trip:
The journey begins at 6:30am. We will directly pick you up at your hotel. Puerto Juarez is at one hour bus, near Cancun where you’ll have a snack.
After a briefing on the rules to respect not to disturb the animal (do not touch it, no more than 2 people at the same time in the water, ...) you'll board a speedboat.
The boat then will head to the islands of Contoy and Holbox (pronounced Holbosh) to meet the whale shark also called here ”Tiburon Ballena” or “Domino”.
Sailing into the waters of the Yum Balam ecological reserve, you'll also admire beautiful wild birds like flamingos, but also dolphins, mantas, etc.
Once arrived near whale sharks, our specially trained guides will bring you to this unique experience. In groups of two people, you can repeatedly put yourself in the water fins, mask, snorkel and meet this giant of the seas, or if you do not want to put yourself in the water, you can also enjoy the show from the boat.

After the snorkeling, we'll go to Isla Mujeres, to eat a ceviche at the beach called Playa Norte.

Then come back at your hotel.

The tour includes:

  1. transfer to and from your hotel
  2. snack
  3. refreshments and snacks on board
  4. equipment: fins, mask, snorkel, life jacket
  5. professional guides


Level required for this tour: Activity for the whole family ...

Reserve now by internet by sending us your request via our form.

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