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Our commitment and our quality

To offer quality service, we are committed to respect the following quality charter:


  1. Our center is compliant to the PADI standards.
  2. Before every dive, you will have a briefing on where the dive will take place and a reminder of the safety rules.
  3. During the dives, the teams will be composed of up to 5 divers per certified instructor.
  4. The diving teams will be formed homogeneously (similar level of diving).
  5. There will be no time limit for diving (in compliance with safety rules).

Safety and equipment: 

  1. To provide you with maximum safety, all equipment is overhauled periodically by an independent and accredited company.
  2. Additionally, you can bring your own equipment and we are committed to support daily, namely:
  3. Your equipment will be rinsed after every dive,
  4. Your equipment will be dried in order to offer maximum comfort to the next trip,
  5. Your equipment may be stored in our center so you do not have to carry it around,
  6. Your equipment will be prepared before you arrive at each dive.
  7. Our boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment when diving (VHS radio and a cell phone, first aid kit, oxygen kit, drinking water supply ...)


  1. Between each dive, drinks and cookies are provided.
  2. Between each dive, your bottles will be changed by the crew.
  3. Crew members and instructors will help you to equip and put you in the water.

Concerned about the environment, we educate our fellow divers and non divers to respect our reefs.


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